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From Chocolate Kisses to Canine Concerns: A Post-Valentine's Guide for Pet Owners

Updated: Mar 30

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Sure, some may not consider this marvelous day as an actual holiday, but in my book, any day full of chocolate and cuddles is one to celebrate! 

With that being said, maybe not everyone should be celebrating in the form of eating delicious chocolatey sweets. I’m sure everyone has heard of how bad chocolate is for dogs. While this is true, chocolate is indeed toxic for dogs, what would happen if your furry pal maybe took an accidental nibble of this sweet?

Fortunately, a small bite will most likely not harm your beloved four-legged friend, but there are some important things to consider if your pet has consumed chocolate:

  1. What type of chocolate did they eat? Chocolate is dangerous to dogs due to containing caffeine and a chemical called theobromine. Theobromine is most prevalent in cocoa, so knowing the cocoa content within the chocolate can help you become more informed on the situation at hand. Pure cocoa powder, baker’s chocolate, and semi-sweet often contain the most theobromine concentration, along with dark and milk chocolate. 

  2. How much did they eat? Think about how big or small your pup is. The concerning amount of chocolate dosage is one ounce per body weight, so this little nibble may be more serious for our lighter or older furry pals.

  3. What should you do? If you believe your pooch may have had a chocolatey smooch, keep an eye on them. If they seem to be feeling unwell within 12-72 hours take them to the nearest Vet. If they are otherwise appearing to act as their normal playful selves, still keep watch, but they may be just fine! 

Whether you spent your Valentine’s Day cozied up with your four-legged or two-legged friends, Paws and Play is here to also celebrate the day! Our love of animals spread beyond dogs, we find it important to keep our clients informed and our furry friends safe! So hopefully you were the only ones to be enjoying chocolate on this lovely holiday, but we have your backs (and tails ;)) just in case!

Pitbull on leash outside sitting in pink colored leaves


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